Sunday, September 24

InstaFinancials Website V3.0 – New Dashboard

The new enhanced dashboard is mobile compatible and has the following major sections:

  1. Top Navigation Bar
  2. Main Navigation Bar
  3. Title Bar
  4. Left Navigation Bar
  5. Main Content Area
  • Top Navigation Bar
    1. Logo – If you are logged in user, you can click on the logo to return to dashboard on any page
    2. Search bar
      1. Company Search by Name & CIN – Private Limited, Public Limited, OPC etc
      2. LLP Search by Name & LLPIN – Limited Liability Partnership Firm on
      3. Director Search by Name & DIN – Company & LLP Directors
    3. Quick Access Area
      1. Cart – Visit cart page to view the products added to your cart
      2. Notification – View your personalised updates, mails received from InstaFinancials
      3. Help & Support – Raise support ticket, knowledge base, user manuals, & videos and more
      4. Profile – View & Manage your personal and billing information, manage profile password
Image: Top Navigation Bar
  • Main Navigation Bar
    • Dashboard – Click here to to navigate to your personalised dashboard
    • InstaAPI – Mange your API Key, access API Dashboard to view & manage your consumption
    • InstaTools – Navigate to InstaAlerts, InstaConverter and other amazing tools
Image: Main Navigation Bar
  • Title Bar
    1. Contextual Menu (hamburger icon)
    2. Page Title

Image: Title Bar
  • Left Navigation Bar
    1. InstaHistory – Includes Order History, Report History, Viewed History
    2. InstaAccounts – Includes Your Plan, Pricing, Invoices, Wallet, Transaction History
    3. InstaCompanies – Includes key insights on companies registered on daily basis and companies celebrating 100, 75, 50 & 25 years
    4. InstaBookmarks – Manage your bookmarks here
    5. User Management – Create & Manger Sub Users
    6. Profile Management – Manage your personal & billing information, update your profile password
    7. Report Configuration – Now enjoy the freedom to create your own personalised & customised reports & manage white-labled report configuration
    8. InstaResources – Access whitepapers, ebooks, factsheets, blog and more
    9. InstaHelp – Raise support ticket, knowledge base, user manuals, & videos and more
Image: Left Navigation Bar
  • Main Content Area
    • Your Work Area – Your Personalised Frequently visited links, Order History & Bookmarks
    • Featured Content – This includes some of the trending and featured content to keep you updated.
Image: Main Content Area

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