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New Companies Registered in the Month of Oct 21 in Bihar
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New Companies Registered in the Month of Oct 21 in Bihar

Download New Companies Registered in the Month of Oct 21 in Bihar in ExcelDownload Company NameCompany CINStateDate Of IncorporationLAKSHMIDHAN MICROSERVICES ASSOCIATIONU65100BR2021NPL054399Bihar01-10-2021BLUEIMPULSE AUTOMOBILES PRIVATE LIMITEDU50400BR2021PTC054398Bihar01-10-2021MUNNA CATERER (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITEDU55101BR2021OPC054397Bihar01-10-2021VENCCI LTC SERVICE SUPPORT PRIVATE LIMITEDU24305BR2021PTC054416Bihar01-10-2021NISHAT EVENTS ADVERTISEMENT PRIVATE LIMITEDU74999BR2021PTC054409Bihar01-10-2021EPOS MEDICON PRIVATE LIMITEDU74999BR2021PTC054411Bihar01-10-2021PRABHAWATI ANAND (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITEDU45201BR2021OPC054415Bihar01-10-2021MAHARANI DEVI SOCIAL & EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONU80300BR2021NPL054402Bihar01-10-2021CIV MECH ENGINEERING (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITEDU45203BR2021OPC054395Bi...
ECash App & ERuning Finance Technology India Private Limited  | CAUTION
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ECash App & ERuning Finance Technology India Private Limited | CAUTION

Based on the feedback received from some of our users, we wish to bring to your notice ECash app it taking money in the pretext of issuing personal loan without any documentation but not sanctioning or providing any loan after the payment is made. On our verification, we found that the company names they have mentioned in the privacy statement of the app is ERunning Finance Technology India Private Limited and the same is not found on MCA website as its not a registered company as per MCA records. Once the payment is made successful, it is noted that the amount is paid to RUNNINGBYTE FINANCE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. The same is incorporated as a company on 10 Jan 2020 and Rajneesh Chaurasia, Yuan LU and Zhichao LI are the directors of this company. We request you to exercise cauti...
Brickwork Ratings for December 2018
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Brickwork Ratings for December 2018

Brickwork Ratings assigned during the month of December 2018 The below bar graph shows the different dates with the number of companies issued instrument. On 13th Dec 2018, 14 companies were issued instrument. On December 2018, 159 companies were rated according to the instrument. Bank Loan Facility was issued to 144 companies, Non-Convertible Debentures was issued to 10 companies. Companies with Instrument Count of Instrument BANK LOAN FACILITY 144 BASEL lll Compliant Tier II Bond 1 BLR ST 1 Commercial Paper 2 Fixed Deposit 1 Non Convertible Debentures 10 Grand Total 159 The below table shows the amount with different instruments. 22,972.93 crore Bank Loan Facility and 1,000 crores of BASEL lll Compliant Tier II Bond were provided to different companies and 2,302 ...
New Companies Registered from 9th Dec – 15th Dec 2018
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New Companies Registered from 9th Dec – 15th Dec 2018

Highlights: 2,453 Companies Incorporated from 9th - 15th Dec 2018 581 Companies are Registered on 13th Dec 2018 2,263 New Private Companies, 51 Public Companies, and 139 Private One Person Company has been registered Maharashtra (458) has the highest count of new companies during this period The main Industries with the highest number of newly Incorporated companies are Other Business Activities Computer and related activities Construction Other Service activities Wholesale trade and commission trade, except motor vehicles and motorcycles New Companies Registered By Date The below graph shows the count of new companies incorporated on different dates.  On 10th Dec 469 new companies have been registered in India, on 11th Dec 502 companies, 12th Dec 571 compani...
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Directors Having Multiple DINs

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) had made it mandatory for all directors who are in possession of Multiple DIN to surrender the additional DINs and retain only the oldest DIN in pursuant to Section 153 read with rule 11 of The Companies (Appointment and qualification of Directors) Rule, 2014. Directors have to use Form DIR-5 to submit the duplicate or inactive or additional DIN. Summary MCA has notified that any director in possession of Multiple DINs, can only retain the oldest DIN and surrender the other DINs Directors shall use Form DIR-5 to surrender the DINs There are 628 directors who have multiple DINs and they are associated with 1260 unique DIN numbers 2,723 Unique companies are associated with these 628 directors Directors holding more than 1 DIN are violat...