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What You Must Check Before Dealing with Any Company in India?

You can verify the following key information of any company for FREE of cost before you take a business decision to deal with the company either as a vendor or customer or join the company as an employee or form any other business relationship. You can access this information about any company registered in India at no cost from the MCA website and other online platforms.


  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) provides FREE access to the company master information of all companies incorporated in India
  • You can verify the incorporation status of any company and other key insights from MCA website and other online platforms
  • Company CIN, Status, Registered Office Address, AGM & Balance Sheet, Paid-up Capital and Directors information can be verified for at no cost
  • CIN of a company comprises 6 categories of information related to the company
  • Company Status is one of the most important information to be checked
  • If the company is not filing their annual returns in compliance with Companies Act 2013, MCA may strike off such companies

1. Verify CIN: Companies in India are issued a unique identification number by Registrar of Companies(ROC) called CIN(Corporate Identification Number). It is structured in unique 21 digits alphanumeric form and is categorized into 6 major parts that reveal the listing status, economic activity, incorporation state, year of the establishment, the type of a company and the registration number. Certificate of Incorporation issued by respective ROC is proof of allotment of CIN to the company.

Publishing CIN in all official publications is mandated by Companies Act 2013.

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2. Company Status: When a company is incorporated it is given the status ‘Active’. Status refers to the current state of the company, whether it is active, closed, dormant, liquidate, etc. The company may be at any of 14 unique statuses. It is highly recommended to deal with companies which are in Active Status and avoid dealing with companies with all other statuses.

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3. Incorporation Date: Incorporation date shows when the company has been registered as per Companies Act 2013 with Registrar of Companies(ROC), under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA), Govt. of India. The Incorporation Date, Registered Office Address and Legal Name of the Company can be found in the Incorporation Certificate issued by the respective ROC.

4. Last Balance Sheet Date: Balance Sheet Date indicates the latest financial year for which the company has submitted their annual returns to MCA. Any company that does not file their annual returns for more than 3 financial years is considered as defaulting company by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Registrar of Companies Struck-of over 2.25 Lakh such defaulting companies under STK 7 Notice.

5. Registered Address: Registered address is the address at which the company is incorporated. The registered address of the company can be verified in the Incorporation Certificate of the Company. Registered office address can be different from the corporate office or head office address of any company. A company may change the registered office address and the same can be verified using the respective MCA forms such as INC-22, MGT-14 etc.

6. Directors: You can verify the details of the directors of any company and their other directorship details also for free. MCA has disqualified over 3 Lakh directors due non-compliance in the filing of company Annual Returns under section 164 (2)(A). It is advised to avoid dealing with companies which are associated with disqualified directors.

Apart from the above key points you can find or verify many other key insights such as paid-up capital, total open charges and satisfied charges, and many other insights of a company for free of cost. You must verify the legal existence and above key before establishing the business association with any company.

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