New Companies Registered in the Month of Oct 21 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Company NameCompany CINStateDate Of Incorporation
GEGI (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITEDU63090AN2021OPC005552Andaman and Nicobar Islands07-10-2021
AMMAN ARYAN GENERAL STORE PRIVATE LIMITEDU52100AN2021PTC005553Andaman and Nicobar Islands11-10-2021
A & N LOGISTICS PRIVATE LIMITEDU61200AN2021PTC005555Andaman and Nicobar Islands13-10-2021
JUNGLEVILLA RESORT & SPA PRIVATE LIMITEDU55200AN2021PTC005554Andaman and Nicobar Islands13-10-2021
FOCUSED SHIPPING & LEISURE PRIVATE LIMITEDU55101AN2021PTC005556Andaman and Nicobar Islands21-10-2021
CUBICORE FOOD PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITEDU15209AN2021PTC005557Andaman and Nicobar Islands25-10-2021
REDMAPLE AUTOMATIONS PRIVATE LIMITEDU31100AN2021PTC005558Andaman and Nicobar Islands28-10-2021

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