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Now Explore Director Profile Page


  1. New Feature launched “Director profile Page” allows you to browse through some unique data points of Directors.
  2. You can view the latest and accurate information about all the directors absolutely for FREE.
  3. Visit Type any company name on InstaFinancials search console. Scroll down and look for “Directors Detail” section and click on any Director name to view his profile for FREE

“FREE Company Master Data Page – InstaBasic Report” offered by InstaFinancials was the most appreciated among all our competitors, in an attempt to keep up to your expectations and deliver more insights, we have now come up with the most requested feature  – Director Profile Page. This new feature is a next level update and allows you to browse through some unique data points of Directors, providing you the precise idea of credibility of Directors of any Indian Company.

You can view the latest, accurate and some unique information about all directors absolutely for FREE.

Now, the question begs, ”What type of Directors’ Details does it consist?” Well, we have got you covered, let me shed a light on this new exciting feature.

Director Profile Page Includes:-

  • Director Overview
  • Director Summary Table (Unique Feature)
  • Director Detail
  • Director Status
  • Directorships
  • Potential Related Parties (Unique Feature)

The following steps will give you better clarity on how to use this feature:-

The first step towards this insightful feature is to visit InstaFinancials and then search for any Indian registered company you intend to look for. For instance, here we are looking for the Directors’ Details of HAL. So, I just had to type the company’s name on the search console, once the company master data page (InstaBasic) opens, scroll down to look for the “Directors Detail” section.

  • Step 2 Once you come across Directors Detail section, you can see the list of number of Directors associated with the company and click on any Director Name you intend to look information for.

As you can see in the above figure, we are already in the Directors Detail section and intend to look for the details of a particular Director named Siddharth.

  • Step 3 – Click on the Director’s name and there you go, now you have all the details related to the company’s Director right before you.
  • Director Overview
  • Director Summary Table
  • Director Detail
  • Director Status
  • Directorships
  • Potential Related Directors

I believe you are all set to unlock this wizardry feature. Do let us know how did you find this feature?

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