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India’s Exports in September 2023: A Detailed Overview

India’s economic landscape is shaped by its trade performance, and the latest data on the country’s exports in September 2023 provides insights into the nation’s global trade standing. Let’s delve into the figures and see what they reveal.

Merchandise Exports and Imports

In September 2023, India’s merchandise exports amounted to USD 34.47 billion, slightly down from USD 35.39 billion in the same month of the previous year. Meanwhile, merchandise imports in September 2023 were USD 53.84 billion, showing a decrease from USD 63.37 billion in September 2022.

This data suggests that India’s merchandise trade deficit in September 2023 was USD 19.37 billion, reflecting a decline from the previous year.

Key Growth Sectors

While the overall exports recorded a marginal decline, some key sectors exhibited positive growth. Notable among these sectors are:

  • Iron Ore: This sector saw a staggering growth of 8054.78% in September 2023 compared to the same period last year.
  • Oil Meals: Exports in this category increased by 72.66%.
  • Ceramic Products & Glassware: This sector experienced growth of 50.49%.
  • Electronic Goods: Exports surged by 27.62% during April-September 2023, indicating a robust performance in this segment.

Services Trade

India’s services sector remained resilient in September 2023. The estimated value of services exports for this month was USD 29.37 billion, while services imports stood at USD 14.91 billion. The positive balance in services trade contributes significantly to the overall trade balance.

Trade Balance and Deficit Reduction

India’s trade deficit witnessed a considerable reduction in April-September 2023. The overall trade deficit during this period was estimated at USD 39.91 billion, marking a substantial decrease from the deficit of USD 75.34 billion recorded in the same period of the previous year. This signifies a remarkable improvement in the country’s trade balance.

Merchandise Exports and Imports in April-September 2023

In the first half of 2023, merchandise exports amounted to USD 211.40 billion, while merchandise imports stood at USD 326.98 billion. This led to a merchandise trade deficit of USD 115.58 billion. Notably, the merchandise trade deficit registered a significant decline compared to the same period in the previous year.

Promising Growth Sectors in April-September 2023

During April-September 2023, several sectors demonstrated positive growth in merchandise exports, including:

  • Iron Ore: With a growth rate of 128.04%, this sector showed remarkable progress.
  • Oil Meals: Exports in this category increased by 41.16%.
  • Electronic Goods: Exports surged by 27.62% during this period.
  • Ceramic Products & Glassware: This sector experienced growth of 20.25%.
  • Fruits & Vegetables: Exports in this category grew by 10.67%.

Agricultural Exports

Agricultural exports continued to show promise during April-September 2023, with sectors like spices, fruits & vegetables, and oil meals experiencing substantial growth.


While India’s merchandise exports in September 2023 showed a marginal decline, the trade deficit saw significant improvement, suggesting a more balanced trade scenario. The positive performance of key growth sectors and the robust services sector contribute to India’s overall trade resilience. This data is a crucial indicator of the nation’s economic health and global trade presence. As we move forward, monitoring these trends and making informed decisions will be vital for sustaining and enhancing India’s trade position on the global stage.

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