Wednesday, December 6

 Record-Breaking Tax Audit Reports: Over 30.75 Lakh Filed for AY 2023-24

The year 2023-24 marked a significant milestone for taxpayers and tax professionals in India. More than 30.75 lakh audit reports, including approximately 29.5 lakh Tax Audit Reports (TARs), were successfully filed on the e-filing portal by the deadline of September 30, 2023. This impressive accomplishment not only demonstrates the commitment to compliance but also reflects the efficiency and dedication of both taxpayers and the tax administration.

Extensive Outreach Initiatives

To ensure the seamless submission of Tax Audit Reports (TARs) and other audit reports in Form No. 29B, 29C, 10CCB, and more, extensive outreach programs were executed. Over 55.4 lakh outreach efforts were made through various channels such as e-mails, SMSs, and social media. Information messages on the Income Tax portal were also used to create awareness among taxpayers about the importance of adhering to the due date.

In addition to these efforts, user awareness videos were uploaded on the Income Tax portal. These videos served as valuable resources, guiding taxpayers and tax professionals through the process of filing audit reports accurately and within the specified timeframe. The concerted outreach initiatives played a pivotal role in enabling taxpayers to meet their compliance obligations.

A Seamless Filing Experience

One of the highlights of this year’s filing season was the smooth and efficient functioning of the e-filing portal. It successfully handled the influx of traffic, providing a hassle-free experience to taxpayers and tax professionals. The portal’s user-friendliness and reliability garnered appreciation from professionals, who shared their positive experiences on various social media platforms.

Exceptional Helpdesk Support

The success of any filing season relies on effective support systems, and the e-filing Helpdesk team rose to the occasion. In the month of September 2023 alone, they handled approximately 2.36 lakh queries from taxpayers, offering proactive assistance during the filing period. Their support was delivered through multiple channels, including inbound calls, outbound calls, live chats, Webex sessions, and co-browsing sessions.

Furthermore, the Helpdesk team actively addressed queries received on the Department’s Twitter handle through Online Response Management (ORM). This real-time assistance proved invaluable in resolving issues and providing guidance to taxpayers and stakeholders.

Educational Webinars

To empower tax professionals with the knowledge and skills required for successful filing, a series of webinars related to the filing of audit forms were conducted. These webinars served as a platform for sharing insights, best practices, and updates regarding the filing process.

The Department of Income Tax extends its sincere gratitude to all tax professionals and taxpayers for their unwavering support in achieving these impressive compliance figures. The collaborative effort, dedication, and commitment to adhering to the due date for audit report filings have contributed significantly to a successful year.

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