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How to Check Company Registration Status?

Whenever you research about any company, one term you will often come across will be the “company status”. What does a company status mean? why is there a need to check company status? and how do you check company status?

Each company has an operational status to it. The ‘status’ of a company is an indicator of whether the company is still functioning or not. Company status is one of the most important pieces of information to verify before dealing with any company. Company status indicates the present operating condition of a company.

Company status of Indian companies gets updated on a regular basis by the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) based on compliance adherence by the company related to filing of statutory documents. Every Indian company registered with the registrar of companies (ROC), government of India has one of the 14 status values associated with it at any point in time.

  1. Active
  2. Dormant
  3. Dormant Under Section 455
  4. Active In Progress
  5. Amalgamated
  6. Not Available for e-Filing
  7. Converted to LLP
  8. Converted to LLP and Dissolved
  9. Dissolved
  10. Under Liquidation
  11. Liquidated
  12. Under Process of Striking Off
  13. Strike Off
  14. Captured

Learn more about types of company status

Before signing any deal with any company, you need to check its status as you must deal with companies with active status and avoid dealing with companies with the other statuses.

Now the question arises: How can you check a company’s status ? so, you can verify the status of any company as on date at MCA or any other reliable websites.

How to check company status on MCA:

  • Go to the MCA website.
  • Go to the ‘MCA services’ tab, in the drop-down click on ‘view company/LLP master data’.
  • Enter the company CIN. Enter the captcha code. Click on ‘submit’.

Though, this process of checking the status of one company at a time, can be tedious. To ease out this process InstaFinancials can help you search company status for individual companies as well as in bulk. We also provide an API to automate company status checks. Let’s see how you can check status for individual companies, search for company status in bulk or automate company status checks with API.

Check Individual or Bulk List of Companies MCA Company Status Manually or Automate
Check Individual or Bulk List of Companies MCA Company Status Manually or Automate

How to check the status of an individual company on InstaFinancials?

  • Visit InstaFinancials
  • Search the company name
  • Select the relevant company from the dropdown
  • View the company status for free

How to check the status of companies in bulk?

  • Visit InstaFinancials
  • Provides us the list of company names in excel/csv
  • InstaFinancials finds MCA registered company name and CIN
  • Obtains the latest company status and registration info from MCA
  • Delivers the data in excel/csv

Looking to check company status in bulk?

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Steps for API automated company status check?

  • Make an API call using CIN
  • InstaFinancials will obtains the latest info from MCA
  • Delivers the data in json/xml format instantly

Documentation that helps you start working InstaAPIs easy and fast

Looking for automated company status checks?

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