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1.67 Lakh Companies Registered with MCA in FY 2021-22

Total number of companies registered during FY 2021-22: 1.67 Lakhs

1.67 Lakh Companies Registered with MCA during Financial Year 2021-22. The no of companies incorporated in FY 2021-22 are highest ever compared to any of the previous financial years. During the FY 2021-22, there is an increase of 8% in the no of companies incorporated compared to the previous financial year. A total of 1.55 Lakh companies registered during FY 2020-21.

MCA had registered 1.24 lakh companies during FY 2018-19 and 1.22 lakh companies in 2019-20 respectively, it had registered 1.55 Lakh companies during FY 2020-21.

1.67 Lakh Companies Registered in FY 2021-22
1.67 Lakh Companies Registered During FY 2021-22

Top 5 States with Highest Number of Companies Registered During FY 2021-22

During FY 2021-22,

  1. 31,107 Companies Registered in Maharashtra
  2. 6,969 Companies Registered in Uttar Pradesh
  3. 16,323 companies Registered in Delhi Karnataka
  4. 13,403 companies Registered in Karnataka and
  5. Tamil Nadu has Registered 11,020 Companies

Top 4 Sectors with Maximum Number of Companies Registered During FY 2021-22

Sector wise, the maximum number of companies were incorporated in the

  1. 44,168 Companies Registered in Business Services Sector
  2. 34,640 Companies Registered in Manufacturing Sector
  3. 23,416 Companies Community, personal & Social Services and
  4. 13,387 Companies Agriculture & Allied Activities.

As part of Government of India’s drive for Ease of Doing Business (EoDB), the MCA has taken many initiatives thereby saving as many procedures, time and cost for starting a business in India.

The MCA launched SPICe+ form in February 2020 and also integrated 11 different services mentioned below, across 3 Central Government Ministries/Departments (Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Labour & Department of Revenue in the Ministry of Finance), 3 State Governments (Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal), and NCT of Delhi:

  • Name Reservation
  • Company Incorporation
  • Director Identification Number
  • EPFO Registration No.
  • ESIC Registration Number
  • PAN
  • TAN
  • Profession Tax Registration Number for the state of Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal
  • Bank Account number and
  • GSTN Number (on Optional basis)
  • Shop and Establishment Registration No. for NCT of Delhi.

The MCA is continuously striving to transform regulatory environment and has taken several measures in recent past towards EoDB like:-

  • Revision of Definition of Small Companies which has reduced compliance burden on about 2 lakh companies
  • Zero MCA fee for company incorporation up to Rs 15 lakh authorised capital
  • Incentivisation of incorporation of One Person Companies (OPCs)
  • De-criminalisation of technical & procedural violations under Companies & LLP Act.

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