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Monthly Information Bulletin on Corporate Sector, Sep, 2021

The total number of companies registered in the country as on 30th September, 2021 stood
at 2232699. Of them 773070 companies were closed. 2298 companies were assigned
dormant status as per the Companies Act, 2013; 6944 were under liquidation; 36110
companies were in the process of being struck-off. Active in progress status is now invalid
and companies under this category, lies under Active Status. Taking the above into
account, there were 1414277 active companies as on 30th September, 2021.

Out of the 773070 closed companies, 11116 companies were liquidated/dissolved;
713052 companies were declared defunct (and hence struck-off after issuance of notice
u/s 248). 27932 companies were amalgamated/ merged with other companies; 16094
companies were converted to Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and 4876 were converted
to LLP and dissolved. Table-1.1 presents the summary picture of companies count as on
30th September, 2021.

Out of the 1414277 active companies, 1405098 were limited by shares; 8872 were
limited by guarantee and 307 were unlimited companies. Out of the companies limited by
shares, 66982 were public, 1338116 were private including 41281 one person companies.
Among the public limited companies, 6763 were listed (Table 1.2).

State/UT-wise distribution of registered companies indicates that Maharashtra has
the highest number of companies (436844), followed by Delhi (370517) and West Bengal
(217946). Amongst ‘Active Companies’, Maharashtra has the maximum number of active
companies (273103), followed by Delhi (222497) and West Bengal (135443) as on 30th
September, 2021. (Table-1.3).

Economic-activity wise classification of active companies reveals that highest
number of companies were in Business Services (442922) followed by Manufacturing
(286284), Trading (180685) and Community, Personal & Social Services (116812).
Business Services comprise of Information Technology, Research & Development and
other business activities such as law, audit & accounts and consultancy, etc. (Table-1.4
and Chart 1.1)

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