Friday, December 8

Bookmark Companies on InstaFinancials

Bookmark any of your customers, competitors, vendors / suppliers, own company, group company, Employers on InstaFinancials for Free. Organise and track the stake holding companies on InstaFinancials website.

How to bookmark a company on InstaFinancials?

Follow the below mentioned steps to use the bookmark features

  1. Login to InstaFinancials
  2. Search a company that you wish to bookmark
  3. Click on Bookmark option available below the company name or click on the bookmark option available after the Notes
  4. Select the bookmark category
  5. Click on Save Bookmark
Image: Bookmark Companies on InstaFinancials

How to access your bookmarked companies?

Visit dashboard and click on InstaBookmarks on the left navigation bar to access your bookmarked companies. You can organise, manage and order your bookmarked companies here.

Image: Accessing Your Bookmarked Companies on InstaFinancials

Hope you find this feature useful and please share your feedback in the comment section below. Thanks.

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