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Instructions for functionalities related to e-Verification | Income Tax Department

E-verification is an issue-specific verification process. It includes verification of the identified transactions carried out by the Taxpayer in any specific financial year. Notice u/s 133C is issued electronically by Income tax Department during the e-verification process. This notice has requisite questions relating to the transactions/ case on which the taxpayer is expected to provide response.

Overview of functionality and General instructions

  1. View Case details and Notice u/s 133C –
  • In the “e-verification” tab, taxpayer can view the details of e-verification case(s) initiated.
  • Taxpayer can click on the case and check the notices issued/ e-proceedings initiated on such e-verification case.
  • Details such as DIN (Document Identification number) and other details of the notice (issued on, served on, response due date etc.) are displayed to the taxpayer.

2. Download Notice – Taxpayer can download the notice PDF by clicking the DIN hyperlink.3.Submit Response –

  • Taxpayer can submit the response to the questions asked in each notice.
  • Multiple attachments (maximum 10 of 10mb each) can be submitted as part of the response
  • The responses are to be submitted before the response due date.
  • Once submitted, taxpayer can download system-generated acknowledgement receipt.

4. View Submitted Response

  • The history of responses submitted by the taxpayer is maintained.
  • It can be viewed by the taxpayer by clicking on “View” in the response column, against each notice.

5. View Activity History

  • Taxpayer can view the activities conducted by going to the “Activity history” tab under e-verification module.
  • Activities can be filtered on specific FY/ case type.
  • Taxpayer can also download the acknowledgement receipt for an already submitted response.

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