Friday, December 1

The List of Forms eligible for additional fees waiver under “CFSS 2020 and LLP settlement Scheme 2020”

In pursuance of the Government of India’s efforts to provide relief to law abiding companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, has recently introduced the “Companies Fresh Start Scheme, 2020” and revised the “LLP Settlement Scheme, 2020” which incentivize compliance and reduce compliance burden during the unprecedented public health situation caused by COVID-19. The main purpose from both the schemes is a one-time waiver of additional filing fees for delayed filings by the companies or LLPs.

In addition to these schemes & for the interest of the welfare of the companies & LLPs, the MCA has also issued a list of forms that are eligible for an additional fee waiver under the Companies Fresh Start Scheme 2020 & the LLP Settlement Scheme, 2020.

Details of the eligible forms may be perused from this circular -{}

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