Wednesday, October 4

Companies Affirmation of Readiness Towards COVID-19

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has introduced a Companies Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID-19 Form and all companies, LLPs are encouraged to file the online form at their earliest convenience.

Highlights about the form:

  • Companies Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID-19 Form is a simple web form with minimum fields and which can be filed from anywhere.
  • There is no requirement of DSC and does not involve payment of any fee.
  • Companies/LLPs are advised to use the service w.e.f 23rd March 2020 on wards at the earliest convenience.
  • There is no fee applicable for FORM CAR (Companies Affirmation of Readiness Towards COVID-19)
  • The form has been deployed as a purely confidence building measure to assess the readiness of the companies to deal with COVID-19 Threat in India
  • As such no penalty or enforcement related action is applicable
  • It is purely voluntary as part of our contribution towards joining the movement to fight against the spread of the disease. Since the portal may experience heavy load, it would indicate ‘Busy’ alert whenever peak traffic is reached.

Where to access the form?


Only users how have a valid registered ID as a ‘Registered’ or ‘Business’ user on website can access this forms

Note: If you are unable to find COVID-19 in the MCA SERVICES menu directly, click on Check Company Name under MCA Services –> Company Services

Click here to download the user manual.

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