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Brickwork Ratings for November 2018

Brickwork Ratings assigned during the month of November 2018

  1. The below bar graph shows the different dates with the number of companies issued instrument. On 12th Nov, 14 companies were issued instrument.


2. On November 150 companies were rated according to the instrument. Bank Loan Facility was issued to 142 companies, Non-Convertible Debentures was issued to 6 companies, both Mutual Funds and Principal Protected Market Linked Debentures was provided to 1 company each.


3. The below table shows the amount with different instruments. 8,007.53 crore bank loan facility and 8,050 crores of Non-Convertible debentures were provided to different companies. A total of 16,557.53 Crores of different instruments have been issued to companies in November.

Instrument Amount in Crores
Bank Loan Facility 8,007.53
Mutual Funds 0
Non Convertible Debentures 8,050.00
Principal Protected Market Linked Debentures 500.00
Grand Total 16,557.53

4. The Top companies with the highest amount of Instrument are:

Name of the Issuer Instrument  Amount in Rs Crores
India Infoline Finance Limited Non Convertible Debentures                                    5,000
Ambience Developers & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. BANK LOAN FACILITY                                     1,500
SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu BANK LOAN FACILITY                                     1,493
Reliance Home Finance Ltd. Non Convertible Debentures                                     1,300
Adani Infra (India) Ltd. BANK LOAN FACILITY                                       900
Adani Rail Infra Pvt. Ltd. Non Convertible Debentures                                       800
Adani Infra (India) Ltd. BANK LOAN FACILITY                                        675
ECap Equities Limited Principal Protected Market Linked Debentures                                       500
Welspun Enterprises Limited Non Convertible Debentures                                       500

Download the list here: List of ratings Assigned during Nov 2018

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