Monday, August 15

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Names of 55K Directors Linked to Delisted ‘Shell Companies’

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has made the names of directors linked with shell companies public. The registration of these shell companies was earlier canceled by MCA. Highlights: Name of 55,000 directors made public by MCA, they are linked to the shell companies The directors are associated with companies that have not filed their financial statements for three consecutive years Directors will not be eligible under Section 164(2) to be re-appointed as a director of that company or appointed in any other company for five years from the date of default MCA has also identified professionals, chartered accountants, company secretaries and cost accountants associated with the shell companies The Ministry of Corporate Affairs had already delisted around 2,09,032 companies and no...

List of 114 Companies Found Registered at a Single Location in Hyderabad

[Word Count: 321 Estimate Read Time: 1 Min 36 Sec] Summary Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) has started a campaign to check locations from where more than 25 companies are registered Yesterday MCA had found a massive forgery where 114 companies are registered at a single location in Hyderabad As per MCA, SRSR Advisory Services Private Limited is the accounting firm for all these companies Around 382 unique companies and 45 unique directors are potentially related to SRSR Advisory Services Single email ID was used to create 123 other unique companies with 43 unique DINs 114 Companies Found The Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) had started a campaign to check locations from where more than 25 companies are registered and through the campaign, were stunned to find 114 comp...