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Companies Registered on 21 Nov 2018
New Companies

Companies Registered on 21 Nov 2018

Companies Registered on 21 Nov 2018 280 New Companies Registered on 21 Nov 2018 under Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Maharashtra(59) had witnessed highest number of companies registered, following Karnataka(29) and Uttar Pradesh(27). West Bengal and Kerala had 9 companies registered each, 8 companies are registered in Andhra Pradesh. Rajasthan, Orissa and Punjab registered 7 companies each. Names of the 280 companies Registered on 21 Nov 2018 are mentioned below: KAKAN-AGROTECH-PRIVATE-LIMITED AJNA-INNOVATIONS-PRIVATE-LIMITED ETHEREAL-MARKETING-PRIVATE-LIMITED KSHTRAPAL-FOOD-AND-APPLIANCES-PRIVATE-LIMITED FLAMINGO-IVF-NETWORK-PRIVATE-LIMITED CRYSTAMOND-GLOBAL-PRIVATE-LIMITED KALIPPANKULAM-EATABLES-PRODUCER-COMPANY-LIMITED SWAGRAHA-BUILD-CONSTRO-PRIVATE-LIMITED PRESTIO...

Karnataka Men Arrested for First GST Fraud in the State

For the first time, a Criminal case has been registered under Goods & Services Tax(GST) in Karnataka. Two men from Bengaluru have allegedly committed fraud by raising fake invoices without paying any GST. Two businessmen named Hameed Rizwan Parthipady Ismail, proprietor of ARS Enterprises in Mathikere, dealing in ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and Jeetendra Kantilal Gandhi who owns Ganndhi Iron & Steel company in Kalasipalyam are the accused who used fake invoices to collect 8.16 Crore in the form of Input Tax Credit(ITC). Input Tax Credit is the credit manufacturer’s receive for paying input taxes towards inputs used in the manufacture of products. During the investigation, it was found that the accused had availed ITC without selling any goods or services to anyone and without a...