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What is Inside Director Profile Page?


  1. You can view the key insights and data points  covered in Director Profile Page
  2. The page consists “Director Overview” – You can learn if the Director has an active DIN, No. of companies the Director is associated to and much more.
  3. Director Summary Table” (Unique Feature) – This table provides you a summary of past and current directorship of a Director, along with critical parameters
  4. Director Detail” – Here you can find Total Directorship Count, Director Capitalization, financial potential of a Director etc.
  5. Director Status” – If the Director is disqualified u/s 164(2) and also confirms if the Director has complied with the KYC mandate of MCA or not
  6. Directorships” – This section reflects on Directorships held by a Director in different companies.
  7. Potential Related Directors” (Unique Feature) – you can find the list of potential Directors related to the Director whose profile page is opened.

You are aware that we have recently launched the Director Profile Page with unique features. In this article, you will learn “What Does the Director Page Consist?”

You can view accurate, latest information of all Directors for FREE as a part of the Director Profile Page with just 3 simple steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Type any company name on InstaFinancials search console
  3. Scroll down and look for “Directors Detail” section and click on any Director name to view his profile for FREE

The key insights and data points  covered in Director Profile Page are:


  1. Active Directorship
  2. Strike-off Directorship
  3. Dissolved Directorship
  4. Amalgamated Directorship
  5. Converted to LLP and other information


E.g. If Director A is holding directorship in 10 companies with total Capitalization of 10 lakhs and Director B is holding directorship in only 2 companies with Director capitalization of Rs 10 Crore, you can know that Director B is more potential than Director A.



  1. Latest Status of the Company
  2. When was he/she appointed as a Director in this company
  3. Industry & State
  4. No. of Directors Disqualified  u/s 164(2)
  5. No. of Directors deactivated due to non-compliance of KYC



We hope you found this information useful and have already started exploring Directors Profile Page. If you are still wondering how to navigate Directors Profile Page then I suggest you to watch step by step video to access this page.

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