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Over 20 Lakh DIN are Deactivated by MCA as on 20 Sep 2018

Ministry of Corporate Affairs notified that the last date of filing of DIR-3 KYC was 15th Sep 2018, that has expired now. Accordingly, every director who did not file DIR-3 KYC their DINs will be deactivated with reason ‘Non-filing of DIR-3 KYC’. The directors whoever have not complied with the DIR 3 KYC mandated need to face the consequences.


  • MCA has issued 50 Lakh DIN Till date and out of which 33 Lakh DIN were active as on 15 Sep 2018
  • Over 20 Lakh DINs were deactivated due to non compliance of KYC Mandate by MCA
  • The last date to file DIR-3 KYC by directors has expired on 15th Sep 2018 and those DINs will be deactivated by MCA
  • DIR-3 KYC filing was suspended between 16th-20th Sep 2018 as MCA initiated the process of deactivating the DIN
  • Starting from 21th Sep 2018 directors can file the DIR 3 KYC Form and file the returns with a late fee of only Rs 500
  • The relaxation in the late fee is applicable only till 5th Oct 2018. Effective from 6th Oct the late fee will be increased to Rs 5,000
  • Directors who did not file DIR-3 KYC and who have deactivated DIN will not be allowed to file their company Annual Returns to MCA and cannot form new company till DIN is reactivated

Last date of filing DIR-3 KYC without government fees has expired on 15th Sep 2018. After this date, directors who did not comply with the mandate, their DINs will be deactivated by MCA with reason stating ‘Non-filing of DIR-3 KYC’.

Out of 33 lakh, active directors in India and only around 12.16 lakh directors have completed the KYC mandate within the stipulated date. The rest 21 lakh failed to comply with the rule and their DINs are deactivated by MCA. It has been observed that drivers, domestic helpers were used to created shell companies and where appointed as directors of such companies.

It is also identified that there are 628 directors who have multiple DINs and they are associated with 1260 unique DIN number. MCA directed these directors to retain the oldest DIN and submit all other additional DINs.

A government fee of Rs. 500 as a penalty will be charged by MCA for non-compliant directors between 21 Sep to 5th Oct 2018. Effective from 6th Oct 2018, MCA will accepting the application with a government free of Rs. 5,000 as a penalty for late filing.

All directors who need to file their DIR-3 KYC can reach out to DIR 3 KYC Service to file it to Ministry of Corporate Affairs. DIR 3 KYC Service helps in the end-to-end process of filing the DIR-3 KYC. Our team of professional Chartered Accountants provide Digital Signature as well as provide service in the entire process of filing until the director receives an acknowledgment email from MCA.

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